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Quoth The Raivyn

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bloggers Wanted!

Hey guys, I'm looking for some guest bloggers over at IGTB. If you're interested, the details can be found HERE. I've gotten quite a few emails yesterday about it, and already I've got a few bloggers in mind.. exciting! (I'll start sending out replies tomorrow, and continue on into the weekend.) Thanks to those who have jumped at this opportunity, and if you're interested but haven't contacted me yet, I'm waiting!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Too funny.

I know, it's terrible to laugh at others' misfortunes, but I can't help it.

Grape Stomp

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

TMI Tuesday #3

1. Which one turns you on more ink or piercing? Why?
I'm not sure.. I think I like ink more, but piercings are fun (lol!).

2. What ink do you have? If none, what would you get and and where?
I will be getting a small pentagram on my right shoulder with something meaningful written in Latin around it as soon as I find the right tattoo artist.. I'm picky and want it done right.

3. What piercing do you have? If none, what would you get and and where?
Over the past few years, I've had holes all through my ears and tongue and eyebrows. I stick to about five small hoops in my ears most days, maybe less, maybe more.. it depends on the day and occasion.

4. Any other adornments you like to do for your lover or have then do for you?
I've considered getting my nipples pierced a few times, but I'm really not sure if that's a pain I want to endure. I do have a scar on my foot (it's for me, not for a lover) in the shape of a pentagram that marked the end of my self destructive habits and turning to my 'spiritual side' for strength in overcoming severe depression.

5. Of all of the above is there anything that is an immediate Turn-Off?
No way! As long as they're not overdone..

Want to play? Visit TMI Tuesday.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Blog Review at Inspirit

Abhi reviewed IGTB at Inspirit last week, and I'm pleased with it overall. (Honestly, I was expecting a lower score! lol)

Surprisingly (or not so much?), the suggestions he made were exactly what I've been slowly trying to fix- the placement of the search bar and changing my Feedburner counter to different color. I actually had them placed where he suggested before their current positions, but it just didn't look right with the rest of the template, so I moved them to where they are now (and at the time of the review). I must agree it still looks a little off, but I'll be tweaking the template again this weekend (if I can find enough time). I have a couple ideas that may work.. I must say Typepad isn't quite as flexible with templates as I'd like it to be. But it provides everything else I need, so I can't complain too much. It's great for bloggers who don't have much time to bother with all the complexities.

And yes, I have some tweaking to do with that damn "About" column and the general column width. That irks me the most.. but again, as soon as I get some free time, I'll be playing with it again and trying to straighten it all out.

Thanks again, Abhi!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Poll at IGTB

I posted a poll at IGTB- how often do you blog? Come check it out, vote, and share your answers if you've got a minute.

(This is part of a traffic project I'm working on.)

Friday, February 01, 2008


I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Karen at Abaminds recently, and I'm both happy and excited to see my *first blog interview ever* posted for everyone to see. Thanks for your time and work, Karen. And the rest of you reading this, go check it out!