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Friday, December 08, 2006

Soil totally ROCKED the Amp the other night.

I'm back again, and what better way to start off a string of new posts with some pictures from a killer show? I got hooked up since I went with the production crew.. definitely a night to remember.

The performance was awesome, I hung out with the guys for a while and drank to Dimebag (R.I.P. dude.. you will always be remembered), and I went home with some great memories, free merch, and a few new friends.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

On hiatus.

Hey guys, I'll be gone for a couple weeks. Things are extremely hectic around here.

To summarize, I have doubled my keyboard practice time, I'm sorting out all sorts of band crap, still looking for that extra job, the back window of the car got knocked out this morning (so pissed off about that one), and John's name has been brought up to the police for harrassment issues. Hopefully they'll keep a close watch on that retard.

I need to get things straightened out and then I'll be back soon enough.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Some days I want to bash his face into the ground.. and this is one of them.

For once, I am going to disregard my internet humiliation morals..


Because this idiot has ticked me off way too many times.

Yes, John, the ex guitarist for my band (currently playing for Custom Driver), has officially become the biggest psycho I know. He's been ON MY ROOF, he shows up where I am far too often, he's talked A LOT of crap about me behind my back (I'd have SOME respect for him if he was ballsy enough to say it to my face.. but he's a wuss. Sucks to be him), and after sending him a not-so-nice warning email, I have been led to believe that he's recently tried to turn me in for more personal issues involving my animals. Cheap shot.

Animal cruelty is one of the last things I'd EVER be turned in for. I love animals more than most people. This struck my last nerve.

At a time when I feel the world is out to get me, I get THIS added drama. No thank you, I'm not putting up with it. As soon as I get legal evidence for everything, I'll gladly take it to court. This retard has already served time in jail, and I highly doubt they'd let him off with his record. And I definitely could use the money right now.

Two words to sum it up:

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tuesday's Tales #2

Hobbies, we all have them, some of us have more time than others to induldge in them, but we still have them.

- What is your hobby?

I have several- music is my main one (although it's a little more than a hobby now), but I also like bowling and web design.

- How have your hobbies changed over the years?
No drastic changes, most of my hobbies were about self expression. It all started with dance at the age of three (and continued for many years), and then I got into music and fire baton twirling and theater and drawing and painting and photography and graphic design and a bajillion other things. And I've excelled at them all.

- Is there something else you want to learn to do?
I think it would be awesome to learn to play a twelve string guitar. I've always been fascinated with those.

- How did you get into your hobby?
As far as the music thing goes, I've had a strong interest in it my entire life. Even at a very young age, I would sing and dance around the house. Then I started learning music theory and how to play the flute in school. Then I taught myself a little guitar (which I'm still slowly doing). A couple months into that, I got an offer to play bass even though I'd never really played before, and caught on to that in a couple weeks. And then that's when my voice fully developed- I could do the harsh metal growls and snap to opera within a second. I knew then singing was going to be my main focus. Then at the start of September of last year, I decided I wanted to play keyboards too. I've been working on it on and off for the past year and caught on pretty quickly. Not only am I learning to play songs by Dream Theater, but I'm also working on my own stuff, which I'd like to have recorded at the start of the new year.

- Do you have pictures that show you doing or the results of your hobby?
Kind of. I don't have any of my performances yet, but I have several music related pictures of myself on my MySpace page. I hope to get a new camera sometime soon.. then I'll have plenty.

Want to join this meme? Go to Tuesday's Tales.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Whoa! Back up the truck, Jim!

I ordered twelve burgers and a box of chicken nuggets..
And I got a club sandwich, fries, and a milkshake.

What's up with that? People need to get their crap in order.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #1

Thirteen things I cannot live without:

1) Music - It's my life.

2) My journal - I always have way too many things on my mind and I need a non-destructive way to let out my feelings.

3) Soda - Preferrably diet Vault. I don't like regular sodas. The sugar makes me kind of irritable.

4) Ramen noodles - No cooking talent whatsoever.

5) Internet - I'm so addicted, it's not even funny.

6) My "herb box" - You figure it out.

7) Rice Krispies treats - Because they're just awesome.

8) Black men's Vans sneakers - Why men's shoes? Because I can't ever find the right sneakers in the women's section. And Vans are the most comfortable brand I've ever worn.

9) Man deoderant - I'm not afraid to admit that I have a little sweating problem.

10) Lip gloss - Because I despise dry lips.

11) Black nail polish - Yes, it's a bit overdone, but it looks so good on me.

12) My doggy - I've always been very close with my pets.

13) Cute underwear - I wear low jeans and there is no way that I'm wearing granny panties with them. And I know that I have a nice butt, so I need something nice for it to wear.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tuesday's Tales #1

Halloween is upon us. Let’s talk about it.

- Do you decorate for the holiday or hide from it? Tell me about it.

I love Halloween, also known as Samhain in my beliefs. When I lived with my mother (whose birthday falls on that day), we decorated for it every year. But now that I'm living in an apartment with "the dude", we probably won't decorate. Every day is Halloween at our place.. we're just weird like that.

- Do you dress up? What will your costume be if you do?
Kind of.. although it's not too much of a change for me. I have an extensive collection of gothic clothing that I wear often.

- What has been your best costume to date?
That would probably my black cloak. It's simple, warm, and the perfect thing to wear while scaring the crap out of people.

- Your worst costume?
The worst costume that I can remember is the bedsheet I wore when I was three or four years old. It was kind of a last minute thing. And to top it off, it rained so hard that evening, so I was a cold, wet little ghost.

- Do you scare easily? Tell me about your best scare.
Not really.. only when it comes to ghosts. I'm not worried about monsters or whatever, I'm afraid of what I CAN'T see. I've had several experiences with this (thanks to my mother, who I got my "psychic" abilities from), and things seem to happen at least once every few days- doors opening and closing, unexplainable breezes, voices, funny smells, etc.

Want to join in on this meme? Go to Tuesday's Tales.

Returning from a brief vacation..

Yuuup.. I needed about a week of relaxation, even from blogging. Things have been a bit stressful lately and I decided to occupy myself with music, friends, learning to cook new things, and some other stuff.

To get back into the posting spirit, I decided to join a meme called Tuesday's Tales, but I'm a little frustrated at the moment because the topic hasn't been posted yet and I'm getting a bit antsy.

And if you've got the time, pay a visit to Dick Small's Blog. I like to drop in now and then for a good chuckle. (Look at that, I used the word "chuckle"!)

Urrrg.. hope the questions are posted soon..

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A concert, a long wait, and a lot of stoned people.

Tool. F*cking. Rocked.

We left town somewhere around noon on Monday. The drive down to Wilkes-Barre, PA was about three hours.. and then we had to wait in the parking lot for another four. I was so excited, the wait was unbearable.. but we made it through. The guys kept it interesting.

I was a bit paranoid though because I noticed a lot of people kept watching me. But whatever.

When they finally opened the gates, the security people lined up to search the crowd for drugs, weapons, etc. I was cool with it.. until they put on latex gloves. Right then, I got nervous. (I hate when people I don't know try to feel me up and then it starts to look like they're going to perform a cavity search.. what the hell?) But it all turned out all right. I just got a quick patdown from a scary lady twice my size and was ushered through the door.

After a lecture about drugs, moshing, and crowd surfing from a senior citizen with a megaphone, the guys and I went to the bathroom, got some beverages, and found our seats.

I wasn't all too thrilled with the opener, Isis. I liked the overall style of the music (kind of a cross between Opeth, Tool, and The Gathering), but it needed to be cleaned up a bit. It was far too muddy and the guys needed to work on their stage presence. But I also took into consideration that Isis is still an up-and-coming band and probably hasn't done a show like this before. Give it maybe another year and they'll be at the top of their game.

Then the magic happened.. Tool took the stage and twenty bajillion things happened at once. Wailing guitars, drums and bass felt in your chest, psychadelic swirls projected onto the white stage, a high Maynard.. it was great. And then they busted out the laser lights. The musicianship and production completely blew my mind.

After the show, we hung out in the parking lot for at least half an hour, waiting for the rush to leave, and found our way to the nearest truck stop restaurant. We were a rowdy bunch, but we left the waitress a good tip.

And then my MOTHER calls me at 2:15 a.m. to check on me. (I hope I didn't make a fool of myself while talking to her.. I don't remember the conversation at all.)

And then we all finally made it home somewhere between 4 and 4:30 a.m. I can only imagine what time it would've been if we decided to go to the afterparty. I'm glad we didn't.. we were exhausted.

* * * * *

I filled out a long form and took a literacy test up at Sanmina this morning. Hopefully I'll get a job.. I don't see a reason for them not to hire me. If they don't give me a call by Friday, I'm going to "get all up in their Koolaid" and see what's going on. I need money, damn it!

And while I still have some spare time, I've decided to learn some stuff by Dream Theater. I've been playing keyboards for a year now, so I figured it's time to challenge myself. I'm getting a little bored with the Evanescence, Black Sabbath, Nightwish, etc. and it would be cool to learn my favorite song of all time, "Endless Sacrifice". We'll see how it goes.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

What the hell?

I should stop attempting to clean out my computer before it melts my brain.

My buddy Ray just posted this up on MySpace and I thought it was funny enough to share:

President Bush, Condoleezza Rice, and Dick Cheney were flying on Air Force One. George looked at Condoleezza, chuckled and said, "You know, I could throw a $1,000 bill out of the window right now and make somebody very happy.
Condoleezza shrugged her shoulders and replied, "I could throw ten $100 bills out of the window and make ten people very happy."

Cheney added, "That being the case, I could throw one hundred $10 bills out of the window and make a hundred people very happy."

Hearing their exchange, the pilot rolled his eyes and said to his co-pilot, "Such big-shots back there. Shit, I could throw all of them out of the window and make 56 million people very happy."

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Busy week ahead.

First off, I want to thank Keith, Dawn, Maritza, TerraPraeta, and Lady Skye Fyre for the cooking ideas. I'm going to try some of them out tomorrow night and next week.. we'll see what happens. Hopefully I won't screw things up too badly.

Oh BlogMad, how I love thee.. and the people I'm getting to know through it. I love reading about people's lives. It's kind of like a reality show, only not. It's better.. because you don't have to deal with reruns. I hate tv.

If you're not a member yet, join up. It just keeps growing and getting better. And it's a great community for those who like to chat.

What's coming up in the next week:
- work
- show Saturday night
- shopping Monday morning
- Tool concert Monday night

(I'll probably be posting about the shows.)

I'm also looking to schedule a job interview soon. I've been told many times that it's really easy to get in and I'll probably do very well at that job, whatever it is. (I'm not sure exactly. I just know it's something to do with electronics.) We'll see how things go.

Looking at my Tool tickets again, I noticed that it says, "NO CAMERAS/AUDIO/VIDEO". What about camera phones? Half the crowd has them and it's not like they can confiscate that stuff. I WILL get my pictures whether they like it or not. And I'll probably post them here if they turn out okay.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Help! I can't cook!

As some of you know, I cannot cook very well. I come from a family where having a good meal means ordering out. But now that I've been out of the mother's house for a few months, it's time to learn to cook. I have recently mastered hamburger helper (although I still have some issues with it) and need to branch out to other things.

And so now I need some help here.. I need some SIMPLE dinner recipe ideas, preferably low fat/carb (the dude's trying to lose a few pounds) and don't take all day to make. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated.

One week til the Tool concert. Can't wait!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Ass Crack Friday

Today I came up with the brilliant idea of counting the number of ass cracks I saw while out and about.. after all, there ARE a lot of them wandering around.

Between the rapper wannabes and guys who just don't know how to find the right fit, I counted twelve in two hours.


My god, this irks me.

Don't get me wrong.. I like baggy pants. But it's pretty rediculous when the crotch hangs down to your knees.

* * * * *

Uh oh, I did another quiz.. and it shows that I'm an attention whore. If you've got the time, you should try it out too.

Blog Component Quiz

If I Were a Blog Component,
I would be the COMMENTS TAG.
I like socializing and sharing my thoughts and feelings. Which Blog Component Are You?
Take This Blog Quiz at About Web Logs!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Because I have nothing better to do..

I'm bored and don't have anything in particular to blog about, so I occupied myself with a quiz.

Which Irish Goddess Are You? (awesome pics)

You are Eriu, a goddess of sovereignty and the personification of Ireland! You, through a ritual as old as time, confirm and establish the kingship of your beloved country. Yay for you. If you arent Irish you wish you were.
Take this quiz!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Eeew.. dog breath.

My ten-year-old sister is spending the night at my apartment all week since my grandparents are out of town and can't watch her while my mom is at work.

Since I don't have an extra bed for her to sleep in, she's staying on the couch.. with the dog. Please take pity on this poor soul.

My dog, Sharpie, is at least ten times worse than any attention whore I have ever known. She has to be in your face 24/7, and she acts very much like a small child. If we go out for a long time and she gets bored or lonely, Sharpie will find a way to turn the house into a garbage dump, whether it be ripping up toilet paper, a pack of cigarettes, cotton swabs from the trash, etc. I think it has something to do with being a mix of black lab and pitbull.

I have a feeling Katelyn won't be getting much sleep tonight.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Another long weekend.

11 hours on the road and 2 days on my feet.. wearing heeled sandals. Need I really say more?

I wish I'd brought my comfy black boots instead.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I'm an idiot.. again.

Here I am, blogging again. Just thought I'd share a story from the first day of my career as a stalker.

I went to the store this afternoon to pick up some toothpaste and soda- cruised through the parking lot with the windows down and singing loudly to some heavy music, ran around the store with my weapon of choice.. I mean shopping cart, drummed a total of six songs on the cart while waiting in the rediculous checkout line, finally got the hell out of there, and took off down the road.

While driving slower than an old lady down the road, I ate my Twizzlers and returned a text message. (Kids, I am a bad influence. Please do not attempt to pull my stunts.)

Then this black Jetta pulled out in front of me and I was pretty sure it was this dude I know named Eric. He lives down the road from me and you can read his blog here.

And so I proceeded to follow him down the road, through two towns. (It was on my way home, so it's not like I'm a complete weirdo.) This dude drove like a maniac down the road, and I had to try pretty hard to keep up with him without screwing up and getting pulled over.

The more I followed, the more I thought it was him. Then a few blocks from my house, he made a left turn.. he was supposed to drive past my house. This is when I came to the conclusion that it wasn't him. God, I'm such an idiot following some dude for two miles, only to find that I was chasing the wrong guy.

Dude, if you ever find this post, I'm sorry.

* * * * *

Another thing I've noticed lately.. The cashiers at Walmart are all slow. What the hell happened to those polite, speedy people? I swear they've all been replaced by rude mentally challenged people. I want to say something so badly, but I keep my mouth shut. No sense in becoming the asshole. But damn, I really want to chew out the person who is hiring these guys and giving them jobs that require promptness and people skills.

Have I annoyed you yet?

If the bright colors and numerous moving objects haven't made your mind explode yet, I don't know what will. You are one brave soul to keep reading this blog.

Things are slowly starting to look better now, although I still don't have a job.. I will soon. Hopefully.

I've received several emails about the last couple of posts from people reading this blog. You are so kind, and I don't know how I can thank you enough for the time you set aside to send such comforting messages.

I'm feeling creative again too (oh no!) so expect to find all sorts of weird pictures and stuff soon.

Also, if you want to trade links with me to get more traffic to your blog (I get 200+ hits a day), don't hesitate to email me. I will not link to blogs that promote pornography, hate, racism, etc. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE LOVE, GUYS!

I may update again tonight at my usual blogging time.. we'll see.

But for now, I need to get myself in the shower and then out to the store to pick up some stuff for the dude and I. And maybe the dog, too. She's been awefully antsy since she lost her rope toy.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I just don't know..

I hate being the bearer of bad news.

How do you gracefully tell someone you care about that their grandfather died this morning?

I got a voicemail on my cell phone today from J's sister telling me what happened and to let him know. And so at 4:30, I woke him up (he works nights) and broke the bad news to him. I just didn't know how to do it either.. I felt so horrible. It's been almost two hours now and I still feel just as bad, if not worse, about the situation.

I hate it all.

And it seems that it's always one bad thing after another.. I lose my job, J loses his other grandpa.. what's next? And when will things start looking good again?

I just feel that I have nowhere to go sometimes. It's heartbreaking.

Sorry about being such a downer, guys. I just need to get things out.

Monday, September 11, 2006

It's a sad day all around.


While everyone else is blogging about 9/11 today, I'm going to be selfish and rant about how I no longer have a steady job.

After being told countless times that I was going to keep bartending at our American legion, I walked in today to find my usual envelope with my name and last week's hours written on it. But this time, it was empty. I immediately started hyperventilating because I didn't have money for groceries and the bills I have to pay.

I frantically started calling around for different people to see what's going on, and finally I got ahold of Jerry's wife and left a message for him. He arrived at the legion about fifteen minutes later and I asked him why I wasn't paid. He told me there was no money (yet they wanted to pay the not-so-hardworking janitor) and that they can't afford to pay the bartenders anymore.

Why the hell didn't they warn me about this when they first saw it coming? They couldn't be honest about the issue so I could get a new job lined up? SUCH IDIOTS!

Right then, I broke down. I just couldn't help it. Sobbing, I told him straight up that I didn't have any money either, and without my wage, I can't buy groceries. He was generous and paid me out of his own pocket. I am very grateful for that, but also very worried about being able to pay for everything now. Things are going to be very tight until I can find another job.

I've never lost a job, so this is all very new to me. I'm scared to death and don't know what to do. Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated.

* * * * *

And no, I can't be all that selfish.. For those who have lost friends and family in the 9/11 incident, I give my deepest sympathy.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Some of the mothers these days.. unbelievable.

My day started off on a very bad note yesterday.

I had gone to bed the night before (or I should say that morning) at 6am, and the dude came home from work around 8 or so. He woke me from my two hour slumber and dragged me off to the bank with him, just as we do every Friday morning before breakfast or whatever.

Well, we pulled into the bank's parking lot and J went inside to cash his paycheck. And so I sat there, played around with the radio a little and scoped out the area.

The van next to us contained three little girls, the oldest being maybe nine years old, and the youngest looked to be about two. The side door was hanging open and these children had no adult supervision whatsoever. And they looked like they had been there AT LEAST five to ten minutes before we arrived.

Then J came out and hopped into the car. I told him to look over at the van and see if he could see any adult in there, and he came to the same conclusion I did.

So we sat there in the parking lot, waiting for the mother to come back to her kids. There was no way that we were going to leave and allow someone the opportunity to take them.. there are well over a thousand child molesters in the small area where we live.

So fifteen minutes rolls by.. no mother.. and the middle kid had climbed out of the van and started playing in the parking lot.

I had enough.

I told J to stay with the kids in the van and that I was going to take care of it. So I climbed out of the car, went over to the little girl who was playing in the parking lot, and asked her if her mother was inside. She responded with a quiet "Yes" and I led her inside.

The kid went right over to her mother, happily chatting away in one of those conference rooms, or whatever they are. I chose to wait a couple minutes, and the girl got her mother to end the conversation and see why this semi-gothic chick is waiting for her to come out.

As soon as she approached me, I went off. I was on two hours of sleep, had hardly been awake half an hour, and hadn't had my morning coffee yet. I was fuming.. and I greeted her with a, "WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU THINKING, LEAVING THREE YOUNG KIDS IN THE PARKING LOT WITH THE VAN DOOR WIDE OPEN?!"

The bitch responded with a snobby, "Well, my oldest is in the car with them."


By this time, EVERYONE in the bank was watching, and I was surprised they didn't ask me to leave because of the scene I was creating. But then again, NO ONE messes with me when I'm angry.

The woman was silent from then on out, probably embarrassed, but she looked at me like I was an idiot.. like I was the one who was wrong.. and walked past me and out the door with her child. I followed her out, made a rude comment about how irresponsible she was for her age (she looked about 35), and climbed back into the passenger seat of the car.

Why do people have to be so stupid and careless?

I don't want to wish anything bad on her children, but I hope that woman gets the scare of her life. She needs to f***ing wake up. You just cannot neglect your kids like that these days.

Thursday, September 07, 2006



Yeah you, that dude who's commented on my last two posts..

Would you ENABLE YOUR BLOGGER PROFILE so I can see your blog? I can't see anything about you, and I like to know who my readers are.

It's literally driving me mad. I have OCD-ish tendancies now and then, and this is something that's going to bother me until it's sorted.

Aside from this, today was great. I did absolutely nothing. The dude and I were supposed to have a visit from good ol' Landlord Sandy, but she never came up to do that apartment check. I spent all that time cleaning last night, expecting her to come check around for holes in the walls or drugs or whatever, and.. nothing. Knowing my luck, she'll come around at a bad time.. apartment all smokey, pizza all over the place, and music blaring from the stereo.

I'm so excited about the Tool concert next month.. they're one of my favorite bands, and I've never had the chance to see them live. I'll probably be talking about this all month. Can't wait!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A huge thanks to the BlogMad crew

I have not had this blog very long.. maybe two weeks.. and I was very surprised to find myself first on the Daily Top Voted Blogs list on BlogMad. Thanks to everyone who has been reading and voted for this blog.

If you're not a member of BlogMad, you can join here.

Now on to other news.. I learned something today..

Never wear a thong when you have a lot of gas flowing from your ass.. especially in public. I was at the grocery store, surrounded by senior citizens, and had too much soda to drink for the past few days. I desperately wanted to pick the back thingy out of my arse crack because it was uncomfortable to fart with it in the way (and I couldn't hold it in), but there were too many people around to start digging around my backside.. it sucked.

I also have fifth row tickets to the Tool concert on October 2nd waiting for me. I'm so excited. Love that band. And I love the people who keep hooking me up with this stuff. (Thank you so much!)

Mreh.. time to start cleaning the apartment now. The landlord is going to come up first thing in the morning to make sure that everything is kept up and stuff. (I think she's actually looking for drug paraphernalia, but I'm not really sure.) It's such a mess around here.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New undies make me smart!

Don't you love those days where you're wearing a great new pair of underwear and you feel like you're on top of the world?

I have been full of all sorts of thoughts and ideas today. Totally on fire.

First off, I wrote a new set of lyrics that will most definitely be put to music within the next couple weeks. It's one of my favorites so far.

Then I decided it's time to stop procrastinating and dye the blonde roots of my hair to match the rest of it. This came about when a friend of mine looked at today's featured picture and said he could probably get me a small modeling job. And so now I have tomorrow's schedule planned with plenty of time set aside for hair and then lunch.

And then I calculated my weekly expenses, took the dog out for a while, washed dishes like a maniac, cooked some lasagna (pronounced lah-SOG-nuh) hamburger helper for the dude and I, and then I went bowling.

I'm on top of the world! And I've still got brand new underwear for two more days!

Kudos to those who are jumping on the blog link exchange thingy I've got going on at the moment. You guys are great, and I'm happy to see that people are actually reading this.

Okay, it's time for me to shut up for now and go to bed.

Friday, September 01, 2006

It's that time again.

Yes, THAT time! (No, not the menstrual cycle..) It's time for those damn kids to go back to school. It's the only thing I like about this new month.

Welcome to September, kiddies! The weather is going to start growing cold and you've got a nice load of homework awaiting you. Now I'll finally be able to enjoy a nice, quiet night at home.

I'm sick of all that yelling in the street, looking at girls maybe twice my weight in clothes so skimpy I want to gag, and those sixteen year old idiots trying to look cool in the cars their parents bought them. YOUR ASSES WILL SOON BE IN SCHOOL AND I CAN BE AT PEACE!

I'm not a mean person.. I just can't stand the kids of today. (And I'm only 20.. something's definitely wrong here..)

Also FINALLY got my $400 deposit back on my cell phone. It's been a year since I joined up with Verizon.. and now I have some extra money to put toward music equipment. Whoohoo!

Oh, and I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my grandmother. I'm a day late. Sorry.

Well, it's about time I got some sleep. I just got home from bartending at the legion and I have to work tomorrow morning. And don't expect to hear from me this weekend.. I've got some major party plans. Staying sober this weekend is definitely not on the list of things to do.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Glad it wasn't me..

The lead singer of Panic! At The Disco was hit by a bottle and injured on stage at the Carling Weekend: Reading Festival on August 25th.

Check out the YouTube video:

All I can say is I'm glad it wasn't me.. and I hope I never have to experience it. That would suck.

What kills me is the time that goes by before the dude on the left puts his guitar down. Just put the damn thing down and help the poor guy out already!

Changes, changes..

I've been busy learning Blogger hacks and coming up with all sorts of new ways to make this blog bigger and better, and after a couple days of thinking, this is what I came up with..
* Blog links- You know you want more traffic to your blog. Why not trade links so we both benefit? (I don't accept blogs that are pornographic or have excessive foul language.)
* 'Read more' link- It keeps the main page loading time down.. because there's a lot of stuff here.
* Add my button- Because I'm an attention whore and love to see myself on someone else's page.
* News, beauty/fashion, and pagan feeds- Stuff I like to read up on. It's easily accessable for me, and I can also share it with my readers.
* Recent comments- Kind of convenient, I guess. It'll be easier for me to get back to you.

If there's anything else you'd like to see here, let me know.

And I want to thank everyone who's been commenting and supporting my brand new blog project. You guys rock.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

You just never know when you'll need one.


After rummaging through my purse today, I came to the conclusion that I have a stupid obsession with lighters- especially those convenient mini ones. They fit everywhere and you just never know when you may need one.

But this goes beyond being prepared.. I counted five in my purse, one in my back pocket, one in my makeup bag, and two in my closet. And I'm sure there's at least one stuck in the couch. And several in the car.

They're great for all sorts of stuff- fixing loose threads on shoes, heating eyeliner, lighting up (whatever your fix may be), and of course for sheer amusement. And maybe threatening those annoying neighbor kids.. they shouldn't be playing in the street at midnight anyway.

Now I want to hear from those reading this. What is your obsession?

Monday, August 28, 2006

Old people are cheap!


I've learned a few things over this past year of bartending at the legion-
1) Most old people are cheap bastards.
2) They also tend to dislike hard rock and metal.
3) They have to pee way too often.

I want to put some extra emphasis on #1.. Come on, guys. I'm that cute young bartender who promptly serves you beer with a smile. I play along when you flirt with me. I'm every old dude's dream.. so why are you so cheap? I rely on my low wage and tips to pay my bills and put toward new music equipment. It's not 1946 anymore.. add on a good sixty years, guys.

It kills me.

But hey, what can I do? It's not like I can say, "Hey man, slap down another couple bills." And I'm not going to show them my boobs either (or lack of).

This sucks arse.

Friday, August 25, 2006

New York Loves Bryanboy

I don't usually rave about other blogs, so when I do, they're worth your time.

Move over, camera whores and label snobs, and let a true rich bitch show you how it's done. Bryanboy is indeed "le superstar fabuleux". Flaunting his eccentric fashion sense for the world, this queen is the shit.

Sure, he's materialistic and sometimes downright rude, but his charisma keeps readers coming back for more. I've fallen to the addiction (as well as many, many others) and stop in regularly to read about his daily adventures.

Visit Bryanboy's blog.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dave the Pizza Guy

I'm so mean sometimes.

I couldn't keep myself from laughing when I saw Dave (my guitarist) in his Dominos uniform.. it's just very out of character for him. He's this cool, laid back rocker dude.. in a frickin' pizza uniform.

But then again, if I was getting the tips he's been getting, I'd suck it up and flaunt that horrid fashion too.

My little sister and I ordered a pizza for delivery and he called me up as soon as he found out, yelling, "WHAT IS THIS?" into the phone. We wound up chatting for maybe five minutes and then another fifteen when he delivered the food. I can only hope I'm not getting him in trouble.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

About Me

Who am I?

I ask myself this question fairly often, maybe once a week. It's my way of keeping myself in check. With all the crazy things I encounter, awesome opportunities I take advantage of, and the fabulous people I call my friends, it's easy to lose my head and let the ego take control. In a world full of fake people, I'd rather be REAL and down-to-earth.. I don't have time for drama.

This blog is a reflection of myself- a little wild, unconventional, and imaginitive. I say what comes to mind, however blunt it is. I tend to go against the grain and find that to be perfectly acceptable- how else does one overcome the lies the world tells them and discover who they really are?

I am not a professional writer. There are many days when I wish I was. There are also many days when I'm glad I'm not.

I am an artist. My main focus is music, but I also enjoy drawing, acting, graphic design, dance, and photography. I am a lyricist, a composer, a singer, and I play several instruments. I love the energy in live music- that is what I live for.

I love fashion, but don't expect me to drop $500 on a handbag.

I am a Pagan. I am not evil, nor am I crazy. I do not hex people. I do not think I can fly. I was raised with morals and taught to listen to my conscience. I try to do what's right. I accept people who are different than I, and respect their opinions (as long as they are spoken in a respectful manner). I do not push my beliefs on others. And most of all, I don't look down on others because I think their beliefs are wrong. This is more than many pagan-haters can say about themselves.

So who am I?

I am Raivyn.

You can email me at Raivyn85 at yahoo dot com. I try to respond to every email, but because I get so many messages, I can't guarantee that I will. However, I do read every single one. (Keep in mind, I may publish some of the best.. or worst.)

Thank you for taking time to stop in and read my ramblings. Here, I am nothing without my readers.

Adopt an Eric.

My friend created a new website recently called Adopt an Eric. It has all sorts of things to occupy your mind with and will continue to grow for a while, so go check it out. I've already got my own Eric the Sheep on my MySpace profile.

There is some mature content here and there on the site, so I don't recommend it for the under-15 crowd. Other than that, I give it an 8/10.

Welcome to the circus.

I wanted to create a place to document my random thoughts and odd situations I get myself into, and so here it is. The whacked-out template is still under construction (I'm working on new ways to send people to a psych ward), so forgive the "Link 1", etc. Those spots will be filled eventually.

I love feedback, so don't hesitate to comment on something you love/hate. And new ideas are always welcome. So TALK TO ME, DAMN IT! (I'm not really that demanding, I promise!)