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Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's been a while.

Aaaand.. I'm back!

I don't know why I even left this blog in the first place.. I think it was because all sorts of new things started happening in my life and I was too busy to post regularly. But anyway, here we go.. I'm gonna give it a shot yet again. Especially now that I see this blog has a Google PR of 4. That was a bit of a surprise.

I've also got me a decent camera, so I can post some better pics. I hated having to rely on my cell, which is down now, so to those who have that number- DON'T CALL ME. I'll be getting a new phone here sometime in the near future.

During my time away from this blog, I started another one to feed my UO addiction. And to keep track of how far I've progressed in the game. It's mostly about the plants, but there will be other stuff there too. Check it out- UO Plant Blog.

More later when I get the time..

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Uisce said...

google PR of 4? wow! what's a google PR? :)