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Quoth The Raivyn

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen reasons why people hate me:

1) I always manage to draw attention from everyone in the room, whether it be my dress or my hair or whatever. Everyone likes to check out the freak.. and trash her, too.

2) I beat up guys who disrespect me.

3) Sometimes I let my mouth run away with me.

4) I have the build of a runway model.


6) I have a lot of big guy friends. I do my thing and because of them, a lot of people won't mess with me. They'll just stand back and say bad things about me. Whatever.

7) Some people have their heads too far up their arseholes to accept someone who is different than them.

8) I can be quite rude at times. Often.

9) I'm misunderstood.

10) I don't look for drama, but it always seems to find me.. And I usually win that game. It's not my fault people jump in unarmed.

11) Bipolar mood swings.

12) I know the band personally and won't let the groupies use me to get to the musicians.

13) I hate Mondays and make everyone else hate them too.


Al said...

hey girl friend , how is everything with you?
thanks for stopping by, hope everything is going well for you.
i promise to come back more often.

Harmony Sweetpea said...

I love your confidence. Its inspiring. Nice blog :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey Raivyn, it's been like months since I visited. I love the new look of your site, you've done a great job. Lookin' good!

Anonymous said...

Hey I also noticed I'm still on your sidebar. My site's moved to a new address.

Mac C da Pimp said...

you are carpetmuncher and love to eat Conch. How much more of a dyke can you be? the possibilitys are endless unless you stay psychedelic your doomed. this is just a comment from a real mutha fucka from broward county so get on my fuckin level (954) 292 5903