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Quoth The Raivyn

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

About Me

Who am I?

I ask myself this question fairly often, maybe once a week. It's my way of keeping myself in check. With all the crazy things I encounter, awesome opportunities I take advantage of, and the fabulous people I call my friends, it's easy to lose my head and let the ego take control. In a world full of fake people, I'd rather be REAL and down-to-earth.. I don't have time for drama.

This blog is a reflection of myself- a little wild, unconventional, and imaginitive. I say what comes to mind, however blunt it is. I tend to go against the grain and find that to be perfectly acceptable- how else does one overcome the lies the world tells them and discover who they really are?

I am not a professional writer. There are many days when I wish I was. There are also many days when I'm glad I'm not.

I am an artist. My main focus is music, but I also enjoy drawing, acting, graphic design, dance, and photography. I am a lyricist, a composer, a singer, and I play several instruments. I love the energy in live music- that is what I live for.

I love fashion, but don't expect me to drop $500 on a handbag.

I am a Pagan. I am not evil, nor am I crazy. I do not hex people. I do not think I can fly. I was raised with morals and taught to listen to my conscience. I try to do what's right. I accept people who are different than I, and respect their opinions (as long as they are spoken in a respectful manner). I do not push my beliefs on others. And most of all, I don't look down on others because I think their beliefs are wrong. This is more than many pagan-haters can say about themselves.

So who am I?

I am Raivyn.

You can email me at Raivyn85 at yahoo dot com. I try to respond to every email, but because I get so many messages, I can't guarantee that I will. However, I do read every single one. (Keep in mind, I may publish some of the best.. or worst.)

Thank you for taking time to stop in and read my ramblings. Here, I am nothing without my readers.