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Quoth The Raivyn

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dave the Pizza Guy

I'm so mean sometimes.

I couldn't keep myself from laughing when I saw Dave (my guitarist) in his Dominos uniform.. it's just very out of character for him. He's this cool, laid back rocker dude.. in a frickin' pizza uniform.

But then again, if I was getting the tips he's been getting, I'd suck it up and flaunt that horrid fashion too.

My little sister and I ordered a pizza for delivery and he called me up as soon as he found out, yelling, "WHAT IS THIS?" into the phone. We wound up chatting for maybe five minutes and then another fifteen when he delivered the food. I can only hope I'm not getting him in trouble.


1 comment:

EuroYank said...

I agree with you. I miss "homerun pizza" in Chicago, the rest of the US and Europe have good pizza, but nothing beats a homerun. Google it and take a look HOMERUN PIZZA CHICAGO!