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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Returning from a brief vacation..

Yuuup.. I needed about a week of relaxation, even from blogging. Things have been a bit stressful lately and I decided to occupy myself with music, friends, learning to cook new things, and some other stuff.

To get back into the posting spirit, I decided to join a meme called Tuesday's Tales, but I'm a little frustrated at the moment because the topic hasn't been posted yet and I'm getting a bit antsy.

And if you've got the time, pay a visit to Dick Small's Blog. I like to drop in now and then for a good chuckle. (Look at that, I used the word "chuckle"!)

Urrrg.. hope the questions are posted soon..

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Happily Anonymous said...

Welcome back....and I had a hard time choosing what to write today so I went with a meme sent to me a few months ago. Feel free to check it out and use it if you like.

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