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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tuesday's Tales #2

Hobbies, we all have them, some of us have more time than others to induldge in them, but we still have them.

- What is your hobby?

I have several- music is my main one (although it's a little more than a hobby now), but I also like bowling and web design.

- How have your hobbies changed over the years?
No drastic changes, most of my hobbies were about self expression. It all started with dance at the age of three (and continued for many years), and then I got into music and fire baton twirling and theater and drawing and painting and photography and graphic design and a bajillion other things. And I've excelled at them all.

- Is there something else you want to learn to do?
I think it would be awesome to learn to play a twelve string guitar. I've always been fascinated with those.

- How did you get into your hobby?
As far as the music thing goes, I've had a strong interest in it my entire life. Even at a very young age, I would sing and dance around the house. Then I started learning music theory and how to play the flute in school. Then I taught myself a little guitar (which I'm still slowly doing). A couple months into that, I got an offer to play bass even though I'd never really played before, and caught on to that in a couple weeks. And then that's when my voice fully developed- I could do the harsh metal growls and snap to opera within a second. I knew then singing was going to be my main focus. Then at the start of September of last year, I decided I wanted to play keyboards too. I've been working on it on and off for the past year and caught on pretty quickly. Not only am I learning to play songs by Dream Theater, but I'm also working on my own stuff, which I'd like to have recorded at the start of the new year.

- Do you have pictures that show you doing or the results of your hobby?
Kind of. I don't have any of my performances yet, but I have several music related pictures of myself on my MySpace page. I hope to get a new camera sometime soon.. then I'll have plenty.

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