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Quoth The Raivyn

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wordless Wednesday #2


Just Expressing Myself said...

What a cool pic!
An adorable face in the center of what looks like mounds of coconut ice.
I'm Wordless in admiration.
Take care,

Happily Anonymous said...

I like my mashed potatos with gravy though...very unique picture there.

Brony said...

And I always thought you ate mashed patatos with a spoon.

Very cool photo.

Happy WW!

Leon said...

Damn creepy! You sure that isn't a clip from "The Grudge 2"?

Babs1 said...

Cool pic! I usually use a fork with my taters.

Number 9 said...

very funny pic. And thanks for your comment on my squishy. I've been in a plushie making mood this month and can't stop designing. I like my fly with maggots best though.