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Quoth The Raivyn

Friday, October 19, 2007

New blog launched today.

Today I'm starting a new blog- Idiot's Guide to Blogging. This is something very new to me, so support would be very much appreciated.

I'm also looking to network with bloggers who write about the same topic, and will be creating a link list soon.

I'm working on the template right now, and the basic version should be finished sometime next week, depending on how busy my schedule is. I'm looking forward to exploring a new subject, and hopefully others will benefit from my writing as well.


apogee said...

Hi Raivyn, Nice blog you have here. Thanks for adding me on MyBlogLog. The Idiot's Guide to Blogging should be great. You can meet more blog on the same topic on http://problogger.net by Darren Rowse. I've made one blog of the not so same topic on http://jerungkun.blogspot.com but still, it's just an experimental scrap blog and I'm not really updating it.

steven wilson said...

Raivyn the template looks great.I wish you all the best with the new venture.It should be a real success with the title you have choosen.

Best of luck
p.s. the cat look's cool

X said...

are you going to abandon this blog?

Raivyn said...

Thanks guys. :)

X- OH HELL NO! This is my personal blog, it's not ending anytime soon. I'm just expanding to other subjects. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi raivyn,
well, I'll definitely be checking on on your new blog too, as the title fits me perfectly. Good luck with it.