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Quoth The Raivyn

Saturday, October 06, 2007


me: "I have a serious question."

J: "What's that?"

me: "What's it like to have a penis?"

J: "Well.. what's it like to have boobs?"

me: "I don't know, I'll tell you when I grow some."

He never did answer my question.


tarsi210 said...

To be honest, it's mostly unnoticed during normal life. Unless, of course, it decides to wake up, upon which it's usually a pain (if you're at work, etc.) or distracting (trying to get something done) or suggestive (well, it *was* after 10pm, so...) For the most part, it's just there. Does that answer your question? :)

Raivyn said...

Yes! Thank you! lol