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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Situation Sunday #1

Situation # 1
What is your first reaction, and what do you do when you accidentally walk in on an "unpredicted" situation....Scenario-- your child or a relative masturbating?

Walk out and leave them be. Everyone does it at least once in their lives. It's natural and healthy. Why be embarrassed or do anything about it? He/she would most likely be embarrassed already, why make it worse?

Situation # 2
You are a a state park and you and a friend are going to do some hiking. It is a beautiful day. The weather is perfect. You both decide to take the Blue Trail, which is a total of 6 miles of rugged terrain. As you go along having a wonderful hike,{ 2.5 miles into it} one of you needs to venture off the path for a moment for a nature call. As that person is away the other feels like someone is following or watching them. They seem to be waiting a while for the other to return... and finally starts calling their name and no response. And the feeling that some one else is watching is growing stronger-......you hear your friend scream then sudden silence.....What do you do?......{No cell phones}

GET OUT OF THERE. In this case, my friend would be either dead or unconscious and when you're that far out, there is very little you can do, especially if there's a killer or monster or whatever out there. Get to safety as quickly as possible, making as little noise as possible, and get the police out there to handle it. There is no sense in risking your own life to try to save someone who is probably already dead.

Situation # 3
You have recently purchased this home in a great neighborhood. You have a deck on the back of the house, a nice lawn and a swing hangs from two white birch trees. You have grown accustomed to going out on your deck and having your morning coffee after all have left the home in the morning.....Spouse to work....Kids to school. And you notice no wind is blowing but the swing starts swinging back and forth....as you venture closer to it....you hear giggles and you can see a clear pattern of a butt print on the seat......What do you do?

I like this one. :) I am no stranger to weird situations like this, as I've grown up in a house with its "quirks", and even now, odd things happen in my current apartment. I think that stuff's just drawn to me.. Anyway, I would try to see or sense something there, and try to talk to it. If you're hearing giggles, there's a possibility that it would talk to you. I'd try to find out who it is. When weird stuff happens outside my home, I'm not frightened. It's when I'm home alone and things start falling off the kitchen counter that scares me. I'd eventually go inside and do a couple small rituals to try to prevent stuff from happening in the house, and save my sanity. I'd also refrain from redecorating too much until I was sure things would be all right.

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Helena said...

Thanks for playing. Excellent answers, I would do the same, exept in #1, I would try not to laugh which would make it worst, but I am sure I would. Then later when the person is done, would say I was sorry for opening the door with out nocking and all is cool every one does it, or did it.

Lisa Yap said...

Hey thanks for ur wishes! The foods are delicious, i seldom go for japanese foods cause can't really stand raw foods, hehe, Don't jealous, if u ever happen come to my country, i will treat ya a good meal! love your blog a lot. love what u wrote too ;)

Karen Zara said...

I'd act exactly like you in situation #1. I really don't know what I'd do in situation #2 (it's the sort of thing I'd only know how to deal with if and when it happened to me). As for situation #3, I believe it'd be much more likely to happen to my mother than to me, as mom is the family's medium and has several strange stories to tell. Not that we find such stories really strange, as we are Spiritists. :)

Anonymous said...

#1, I know I'd just turn around and leave and act like I didn't see anything.
#2 I'm not sure, but I'd probably run like crazy for help, as I don't think I could take on an attacker by myself. You always see the people in horror movies try to investigate on their own, and you know what happens to them!
#3 I would probably giggle back and try talking to the buttprint. I love Sylvia Brown and she says they're not there to hurt you if you hear laughter.