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Quoth The Raivyn

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Not bad for a crappy camera..

I caught this amazing photo opportunity the other day at my mother's house. I was taking care of her animals while she and my sister were out of town, and while I was playing with the other two cats, I caught Faithy, the youngest, sitting by the stairs and the light was just PERFECT!

The outcome?

Tadaa! Not bad for a crappy camera.


X said...

nice kitty cat...will sparky play with it ?

Anonymous said...

Hi raivyn,
beautiful shot...wish I could take such great pics.

martyn said...

Awesome shot, I always whip my camera out when im out and about - dont often get good shots tho.

Like the one of my cat today - for some reason my camera loves to make everything dark and gloomy inside - or blurs.

Its an awesome shot tho, cute cat too :D

Getty72 said...

Now, that is a great photo! The colour and composition are both perfect. Sometimes the best photos are the ones taken on the off-chance.