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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A huge thanks to the BlogMad crew

I have not had this blog very long.. maybe two weeks.. and I was very surprised to find myself first on the Daily Top Voted Blogs list on BlogMad. Thanks to everyone who has been reading and voted for this blog.

If you're not a member of BlogMad, you can join here.

Now on to other news.. I learned something today..

Never wear a thong when you have a lot of gas flowing from your ass.. especially in public. I was at the grocery store, surrounded by senior citizens, and had too much soda to drink for the past few days. I desperately wanted to pick the back thingy out of my arse crack because it was uncomfortable to fart with it in the way (and I couldn't hold it in), but there were too many people around to start digging around my backside.. it sucked.

I also have fifth row tickets to the Tool concert on October 2nd waiting for me. I'm so excited. Love that band. And I love the people who keep hooking me up with this stuff. (Thank you so much!)

Mreh.. time to start cleaning the apartment now. The landlord is going to come up first thing in the morning to make sure that everything is kept up and stuff. (I think she's actually looking for drug paraphernalia, but I'm not really sure.) It's such a mess around here.


Keith said...


Mike said...

Congrats. I just joined blogmad yesterday myself.

Steph said...

Congrats :D

One Guy said...


I was top blog on Blog Mad last week, when my site was only a couple weeks old. I wonder if they favor new members that way. I also want to remind Blog Mad surfers that you can vote for sites once every day, not just once for each site.

Oh yeah, Tool is great! I'm planning on seeing them this tour myself. I've seen Tool and A Perfect Circle sever times, and it's always an awsome show.

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