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Quoth The Raivyn

Monday, September 11, 2006

It's a sad day all around.


While everyone else is blogging about 9/11 today, I'm going to be selfish and rant about how I no longer have a steady job.

After being told countless times that I was going to keep bartending at our American legion, I walked in today to find my usual envelope with my name and last week's hours written on it. But this time, it was empty. I immediately started hyperventilating because I didn't have money for groceries and the bills I have to pay.

I frantically started calling around for different people to see what's going on, and finally I got ahold of Jerry's wife and left a message for him. He arrived at the legion about fifteen minutes later and I asked him why I wasn't paid. He told me there was no money (yet they wanted to pay the not-so-hardworking janitor) and that they can't afford to pay the bartenders anymore.

Why the hell didn't they warn me about this when they first saw it coming? They couldn't be honest about the issue so I could get a new job lined up? SUCH IDIOTS!

Right then, I broke down. I just couldn't help it. Sobbing, I told him straight up that I didn't have any money either, and without my wage, I can't buy groceries. He was generous and paid me out of his own pocket. I am very grateful for that, but also very worried about being able to pay for everything now. Things are going to be very tight until I can find another job.

I've never lost a job, so this is all very new to me. I'm scared to death and don't know what to do. Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated.

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And no, I can't be all that selfish.. For those who have lost friends and family in the 9/11 incident, I give my deepest sympathy.


Babs1 said...

Not sure about the laws in your state. But you may be able to get unemployment benefits until you find a new job. I was able to apply on-line for it where I lived. It still takes a few weeks to get some money though.
That bites. My last job was forced into bankruptcy and I lost out on 3 weeks of pay that I'll never see.

Mike said...

That's a bummer.

File for unemployment for sure.

Without knowing any of your job skills it's hard to give you much advice though.

What are your intersts and strong points?

Push yourself in that direction.

Good luck!!

Gabz said...

Hi, Raivyn. Just droppin' by to trade link wit u. Thanks.

Mike said...

Blogmad hit!

Popped back in. Is today a better day for ya?