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Thursday, September 14, 2006

I'm an idiot.. again.

Here I am, blogging again. Just thought I'd share a story from the first day of my career as a stalker.

I went to the store this afternoon to pick up some toothpaste and soda- cruised through the parking lot with the windows down and singing loudly to some heavy music, ran around the store with my weapon of choice.. I mean shopping cart, drummed a total of six songs on the cart while waiting in the rediculous checkout line, finally got the hell out of there, and took off down the road.

While driving slower than an old lady down the road, I ate my Twizzlers and returned a text message. (Kids, I am a bad influence. Please do not attempt to pull my stunts.)

Then this black Jetta pulled out in front of me and I was pretty sure it was this dude I know named Eric. He lives down the road from me and you can read his blog here.

And so I proceeded to follow him down the road, through two towns. (It was on my way home, so it's not like I'm a complete weirdo.) This dude drove like a maniac down the road, and I had to try pretty hard to keep up with him without screwing up and getting pulled over.

The more I followed, the more I thought it was him. Then a few blocks from my house, he made a left turn.. he was supposed to drive past my house. This is when I came to the conclusion that it wasn't him. God, I'm such an idiot following some dude for two miles, only to find that I was chasing the wrong guy.

Dude, if you ever find this post, I'm sorry.

* * * * *

Another thing I've noticed lately.. The cashiers at Walmart are all slow. What the hell happened to those polite, speedy people? I swear they've all been replaced by rude mentally challenged people. I want to say something so badly, but I keep my mouth shut. No sense in becoming the asshole. But damn, I really want to chew out the person who is hiring these guys and giving them jobs that require promptness and people skills.


big-al said...

hey girl wassup

hope things will get better for you soon.
and don't worry about beeing an idiot :-)
we all are idiots once in a while:-)

Mike said...

My idiocy knows no bounds!

Blogmad hit!

Gabriela said...

Hi there!

Thanks for bidding on "Rent My Blog", I really enjoyed reading your latest entry about being a stalker in a weird non intentional way. Sounds familiar...

Anyways, I hope you bid the next time. This time I didn't rent your blog because I'm returning a favor to someone.

However, I'll mention you in one of my entries, and I'll try to visit you often. =)

You are welcomed to visit my blog anytime.


Chris said...

I was wondering who the hell was following me. Don't you think that the night vision goggles were a bit much?

LOL here via Blog mad

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