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Quoth The Raivyn

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Some of the mothers these days.. unbelievable.

My day started off on a very bad note yesterday.

I had gone to bed the night before (or I should say that morning) at 6am, and the dude came home from work around 8 or so. He woke me from my two hour slumber and dragged me off to the bank with him, just as we do every Friday morning before breakfast or whatever.

Well, we pulled into the bank's parking lot and J went inside to cash his paycheck. And so I sat there, played around with the radio a little and scoped out the area.

The van next to us contained three little girls, the oldest being maybe nine years old, and the youngest looked to be about two. The side door was hanging open and these children had no adult supervision whatsoever. And they looked like they had been there AT LEAST five to ten minutes before we arrived.

Then J came out and hopped into the car. I told him to look over at the van and see if he could see any adult in there, and he came to the same conclusion I did.

So we sat there in the parking lot, waiting for the mother to come back to her kids. There was no way that we were going to leave and allow someone the opportunity to take them.. there are well over a thousand child molesters in the small area where we live.

So fifteen minutes rolls by.. no mother.. and the middle kid had climbed out of the van and started playing in the parking lot.

I had enough.

I told J to stay with the kids in the van and that I was going to take care of it. So I climbed out of the car, went over to the little girl who was playing in the parking lot, and asked her if her mother was inside. She responded with a quiet "Yes" and I led her inside.

The kid went right over to her mother, happily chatting away in one of those conference rooms, or whatever they are. I chose to wait a couple minutes, and the girl got her mother to end the conversation and see why this semi-gothic chick is waiting for her to come out.

As soon as she approached me, I went off. I was on two hours of sleep, had hardly been awake half an hour, and hadn't had my morning coffee yet. I was fuming.. and I greeted her with a, "WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU THINKING, LEAVING THREE YOUNG KIDS IN THE PARKING LOT WITH THE VAN DOOR WIDE OPEN?!"

The bitch responded with a snobby, "Well, my oldest is in the car with them."


By this time, EVERYONE in the bank was watching, and I was surprised they didn't ask me to leave because of the scene I was creating. But then again, NO ONE messes with me when I'm angry.

The woman was silent from then on out, probably embarrassed, but she looked at me like I was an idiot.. like I was the one who was wrong.. and walked past me and out the door with her child. I followed her out, made a rude comment about how irresponsible she was for her age (she looked about 35), and climbed back into the passenger seat of the car.

Why do people have to be so stupid and careless?

I don't want to wish anything bad on her children, but I hope that woman gets the scare of her life. She needs to f***ing wake up. You just cannot neglect your kids like that these days.


Mike said...

It's nice to see you waited to ensure the kids safety. She was an idiot.

Blogmad hit!

Babs1 said...

Not a smart woman leaving her kids in the car like that. Some people are seriously lacking in the brain department.

TEN33GIRL said...

OMG. This story made me cringe. Thank god you were there and nothing happened to those kids.

Found ya via blogmad :)

dawn said...

We must live close to one another. I dont understand what some parents are thinking... at the apartment complex that I am moving out of, there are several parents who push their kids out the door, into the yard and never even take a second look to see if their kids are still there. One woman, allowed her 1yo twin children out, and locked the door behind her. and I being a fool, decided to ask her to watch her kids. She proceeded to tell me that I was in the yard...but wouldnt allow me to bring her children to her when they were misbehaving. I give up, I am moving and I just hope that noone comes and does something horrible to her kids

You did a good thing, hopefully that woman will keep better care of her kids from now on.

kat said...

with the van door opened, any adult can go drive the car... *shakes head* and leaving kids inside a car? wake up!

good job you've done!
here via Blogmad :)

ginviren said...

I had a similar experience. Luckily, the mother came out before we left or else I would have called the police.

I'm glad you called her on it...what an idiot!

Blogmad hit :-)

The Designer Diva said...

There are just some people that shouldnt be parents. And this is one good example. Good for you. I hope she never leaves the kids again, just even maybe for the sake of being embarassed.

nicole said...

OMG, I'm so happy to hear that you did what I've been tempted to do at least a thousand times!!

I can't count the number of occasions where I've witness a (seemingly) grown adult walking with their kid trailing at least 10 feet behind them. Yet these same cretins will be the first ones sobbing on the evening news when some monster yanks their child. "Oh, how could someone DO something like this???"

Um, because you pretty much posted a sign on your kid's back that reads, "Free. Take One."

Sorry for the rant but this SO pisses me off!