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Quoth The Raivyn

Friday, September 01, 2006

It's that time again.

Yes, THAT time! (No, not the menstrual cycle..) It's time for those damn kids to go back to school. It's the only thing I like about this new month.

Welcome to September, kiddies! The weather is going to start growing cold and you've got a nice load of homework awaiting you. Now I'll finally be able to enjoy a nice, quiet night at home.

I'm sick of all that yelling in the street, looking at girls maybe twice my weight in clothes so skimpy I want to gag, and those sixteen year old idiots trying to look cool in the cars their parents bought them. YOUR ASSES WILL SOON BE IN SCHOOL AND I CAN BE AT PEACE!

I'm not a mean person.. I just can't stand the kids of today. (And I'm only 20.. something's definitely wrong here..)

Also FINALLY got my $400 deposit back on my cell phone. It's been a year since I joined up with Verizon.. and now I have some extra money to put toward music equipment. Whoohoo!

Oh, and I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my grandmother. I'm a day late. Sorry.

Well, it's about time I got some sleep. I just got home from bartending at the legion and I have to work tomorrow morning. And don't expect to hear from me this weekend.. I've got some major party plans. Staying sober this weekend is definitely not on the list of things to do.


Peety said...

Oops Am i one of those women twice your weight TRYING to fit into those skimpy ass clothes?? (Ha- Ha)

You made a valid point - and yet I love children..

PLEASE send them all back to school so that the MATURE half of the world may have some peace and quiet..

p.s"Have a nice week-end"..

Ann said...

So with ya! I don't mind kids, but during the summer is another story! At least in my neck of the woods, can always tell school's out by the number of adolescent boys on their stupid mopeds riding up and down the street till the wee hours.....

Becky said...

LOL! I couldn't agree more! :P

Tinker said...

you make a good point..those girls in the "too tight" clothes....who said that a belly shirt was okay for everyone? or those thongs sticking out fo pants.. seen less these days , but still around.

Mike said...

I'm all for seeing the kiddies back in school.

Ann said...

Thongs sticking out of the pants thing, just as well show everything while they're at at. Since they're already showing the thong and bra.....

Yesterday seen a gal, wearing loose white linen pants, her thong wasn't sticking out above her pants, but still could see through the pants. Clearly making it obvious. If you don't want people to see your pretty little black thong, don't wear with white pants.